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Getting Healthy
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Date:2008-08-23 00:25
Mood: content

Such a strange feeling....

Normally shortly before bed, when I get sleepy, I can feel my pulse racing and my blood pounding through my veins. Dinner will make my blood pressure go up. Five days on candida diet now. Sitting here and just got the normal sleepy feeling but something is missing. My pulse is slow and steady and I can feel that my blood pressure is normal.

Still have all kinds of die-off issues from the yeast but the blood pressure is settling. Wonderful. That will be reason to stick to the diet tomorrow.

Die-off extremes today - nausea and itchy itchy itchy, want to scrap it off my body, skin. whole body. and it moves. at the moment it's my back, left arm, nose, and now my right shoulder. The itchies will move in a moment. The toxins escape through the skin so that tends to be a strong die-off symptom for a lot of people.

My eyes have emerged from the bloating. I think my cheekbones are trying to make an appearance now. Lower jaw bone is the challenge. That's where the bloat is the worst, creating a big double chin/moon face.

Still eating a lot of chili and boiled eggs and tea (three kinds a day) so no new recipes.

Weight: 240
Goal: 150
Whole Approach Score: 386 (symptoms of candida)
Whole Approach Goal: 10 (as low as I can get mine)

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Date:2007-03-06 19:20
Mood: optimistic

vg_ford always posts her progress here, so it keeps me thinking about it. Which is a good thing.

I've realized that part of my difficulty with the candida diet is that it really requires eating sensible meals at sensible times. I struggle to do that. Anyone who is at FM late at night knows I'm often fixing dinner at midnight because I've maybe had a can of spaghetti-Os at 10am, granola bar at 2, blood sugar falling so grab a candybar on class break, wash it down with a pepsi. Bowl of mashed potatos at 10pm. So at midnight, I'm starved and will fix dinner. This is how I eat all the time. Or did. I've realized that in order to stick to the candida diet, I have to get the "regular" meal habit first. And I'm working on it. That has been my project over the last week. I even bought some lean cuisine and weight watcher frozen dinners because it tends to be a time thing. I can throw one in the microwave and have something to eat that qualifies as a "meal".

So, that's one thing.

Other thing:

I am obsessed with juice. Fruit, veggie, or fruit/veggie. I have a good personal juice extractor (just had to buy a new one because the old one bit the dust). I have been juicing every day and since I started doing this, I have noticed a huge change in my energy level. Rather than dragging myself through the day, I can keep up with my insane schedule. I feel good! I think it just might be that this way I'm getting a much larger amount of fruits and veggies into my system. I'm not good at eating those so this way I get those nutrients.

Favorite juices:

Sunshine in a glass-

1 orange
1 pink grapefruit
2 apples

(makes about 16oz, which can be divided in half for two days but I drink a full 16oz or more of fresh juice every day)

Standard mixed juice

2 oranges
1 apple
5 or 6 regular sized (not baby) carrots

also about 16oz

Mellow veggie

1/2 a cucumber
6 carrots
2 cups of spinach

Super veggie

1/2 cucumber
6 carrots
6 stalks of celery
1 cup of broccoli
1 cup of spinach

Can't get good tomatoes yet and the oranges are crap (bad weather in CA) so have to be creative. I'm a "if it's fruit or veggie, it is going in that juicer" type person.

So, weight loss hasn't been significant (about 2lbs) but I'm getting into healthier habits, which is a good start.

I'll keep posting.

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Date:2006-12-30 23:11
Subject:Getting started.
Mood: tired

Cross-posted to enchantedonyx.

I finally found someone who had typed up all of the symptoms of candidiasis for his website, so I stole the list so I could post it here. I'm going to start on my candida diet on Monday. This list looks extreme but I swear that it is possible to live with most of these symptoms, as I have for several years now.

CandidaCollapse )

Yes, it's insane and doesn't seem like it's real. Like something out of a hypochondriac's medical file or worst nightmare. But it is real. I was diagnosed a year ago with systemic candidiasis. It also causes allergies and intolerances. And there is only one true way to get rid of it. And that is through diet. No sugar, dairy, corn, wheat, or yeast.

So, I will be really really crabby for a few days as I go through "detox" and get these out of my system. Caffeine is also a no-no, but I'm weaning off of that more slowly. No coffee, though. Just tea. If anyone wants to know more about this wretched disease (that is probably afflicting a lot more people than they even realize- I know several people that I would bet have Candida and just won't admit it), let me know. I understand the disease and sister understands the diet- together we are going to make this work.

So, my initial point for this is for my health. So I can feel good again. But weight loss is part of that equation. Once I feel better I can start exercising and feeling better. I'll post my starting weight on Monday morning, just to keep myself honest (only on onyxlives. Grocery shopping and cooking tomorrow (essential for starting out- must have good food available).

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Date:2006-07-11 13:30
Mood: annoyed

ooh, crappy crappy ride today.

It's so humid here that it's hard to breathe outside and it's really hot, too. Between the weather and my hormones (started my period yesterday), I just couldn't seem to ride for anything today. I've been riding the bike path with more and more ease but today I only made it halfway and had to take a break. Only about 2 miles, then.

Wednesday is an off day, but I might ride again tomorrow anyways. Just to make it up.

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Date:2006-07-05 16:38
Mood: optimistic

Weight: 267.0

Back on my diet. Hopefully for good this time. I am going to stay with my Grandma for a few days to help her learn to cook and eat without sugar, corn, wheat, or processed foods. All of which feed cancer. My aunt is being a total nazi about the food. It's actually funny.

Aunt: Okay, you have to eat broccoli
Grandma: I don't like broccoli
Aunt: You're eating broccoli.


Me: Grandma, do you like green peppers?
Grandma: No
Aunt: Renae, get her green peppers at the store.
Grandma: I don't like them.
Aunt: You're eating them anyways.


Grandma: What do I eat for lunch?
Aunt: Well, Mom, we got you some chicken and green beans.
Grandma: But, if I eat chicken and green beans for lunch, what do I eat for dinner?
Aunt: Chicken and green beans. Eat it!

My aunt lives the closest to her, so will probably help her the most with the food. I decided that I can't expect Grandma to eat that way if I don't, so I'll be heading to her house tomorrow. Probably home on Friday evening. They live in a really small, quiet community, so I'll be able to walk while I'm there. No bike rack and small car means the bike can't go with me.

Rough workout today. I really struggled to stay on that bike for 30 minutes, but I did and did a whopping 8 miles! Not quite Tour de France distances yet, but I'm improving :D .

35/458 miles to Rivendell.

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Date:2006-07-02 11:05
Mood: good

Drinking Renae's Super Juice.


1 tomato
8 large carrots
4 stalks of celery
1/2 cucumber
1 cup broccoli
about 2 cups baby spinach

Put them through the juicer in reverse order that I listed. It makes a pretty rainbow in the pitcher when they come out :D

I am very much a 'if it's a vegetable, it can go in the juicer" kind of person. I made apple-carrot the other day and it was wonderful. Key with juicing is to keep the veggie juices at least 75% carrot, cucumber, celery, or apple. I think tomato is okay there, too. So this juice has lots of palatables with smaller amounts of the power veggies (spinach and broccoli). The amounts I listed yeilded about 26oz of juice, which I will drink all of before my bike ride today.
I have to ride to CVS to get bug spray and sunblock.

Can't update my Rivendell walk until I find out how long the bike path is. Will do that later, too.

I found a training schedule on the LAF website. www.livestrongchallenge.org that I think I'm going to use. I'm going be making a website to use for donations for my Challenge ride. I'll be riding in Philadelphia if they don't change the sites for 2007.

And you know what I'm discovering? I love bike riding. Love it! It's actually a fun workout. I might even try a spinning class before too long.

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Date:2006-07-01 23:43

Woohooo! I rode from my house to the park at one end of the bike trail and then back to the other end and then home. I don't know how far that is, but I might walk it with the pedometer tomorrow to find out.

I am going to have to get a new bike. The one I'm riding is horrible. The standover height is fine, but the top bar is way too short. I feel squished on it. It's also a mountain bike and forces an upright seat, which I find uncomfortable. I need to raise the seat and adjust the tilt tomorrow, and that will help, but I'm going to have to buy a bike soon. I've been checking out stuff on ebay and I might be able to find a used Trek or Schwinn for a good price. At this point, anything is better than what I have.

No juice today, but I bought broccoli and spinach today! We'll see what I can make tomorrow.

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Date:2006-06-30 16:11
Mood: determined

4 miles on exercycle. I swear the two different bikes at the Y measure distance differently. I busted my ass for those 4 miles today and on the other cycle on Tuesday, 5.5 miles was nothing. It's odd.

I rode well, though. maintained 90rpms for a long portion of the ride and sprinted the last two minutes at about 115 rpms before cooling down around 55-60rpms.

19/458 miles

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Date:2006-06-30 13:10
Mood: calm

On Wednesday, I rode the bike path for 3 miles. Wow, much tougher than the exercycle. But it was a lot of fun. I just really need to get a good bike.


443 miles to Rivendell

Headed to the Y in a few minutes.

This morning I made juice! 2 apples and 7 carrots. Very yummy.

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Date:2006-06-28 10:38

Weight: 265.0

I have to get back on my diet. This morning my blood pressure is really high (I can feel it, but didn't have it measured) and my feet are killing me. The cycling shouldn't really bother my feet so I know it's just the candida.

Going to find some breakfast. I think I might get the juicer out and start throwing produce into it. See what comes out :D I have the Juiceman book and some of it's recipes are scary. I just don't know about putting green pepper into juice. *shudders*
But I will try anything once.
Speaking of trying things- I had okra last night. One bite and I almost vomited. Nasty stuff. I'll stick with other veggies, thank you very much.

It's actually not raining today, so I'm going to try to ride the bike path, at least down to the river and back. It's 3 miles, round trip. I may have to walk the bike back up the hill to the house when I get finished.

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Date:2006-06-28 01:19
Mood: optimistic

I'm going to start training for the Livestrong Challenge 2007. I'm aiming for the 40 mile bike ride. I haven't really ridden a bike in several years, but I loved riding when I was a kid.


4 miles on stationary bike
1 mile treadmill
.5 mile on real bike


5.5 miles on stationary bike
.5 mile treadmill
.5 mile on real bike

for a total of 12 miles

446 miles to Rivendell

Right now, the short "real bike" jaunts are mostly to acclimate me to riding a bicycle again. Unfortunately, I'm riding my sister's el cheapo bike (she claims it cost $40) and it's not great for training. I've got my eye on something better soon. I've just been huffing around the block here, but I might try a portion of the bike path tomorrow. It's close to home and if I do that before going to the YMCA, I might have the legs left for it.

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Date:2006-04-07 00:20
Mood: tired

Today I wore my favorite jeans. Still a bit snug, but not uncomfortable to wear (like they have been). They are a lower rise so they don't cut into the fat as badly, even if they are a bit tight.

I've been trying to walk more and more. After challenging myself with the hill behind Bryan Hall lately (I have some pictures of that beast that I should share), I managed to walk up to the English offices without being completely out of breath today! (Not much, but an improvement, none the less).

I haven't been as good about diet as I should have been, but I've been focusing on eating more vegetables and less sugar-filled foods. Tonight, since I had Subway at 6pm, I just had soup and a carton of yogurt (yes, I know I'm not supposed to have dairy) when I got home from work. I have a tendency to eat two dinners because I get off of work so late. Need to break that habit.

I paced the meeting room at work for a total of .5 miles tonight. 4.5/458

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Date:2006-04-05 15:16
Mood:disillusioned about work

Walking walking walking. 2.5 miles today. And I went to the burrito buggy for lunch. Black bean and veggie burrito. My doctor went to school at OU as well and she advocates the Burrito Buggy for serving fresh foods with lots of veggies.

Eowyn Challenge 4.0/458 I'm crossing the water on a plank bridge!

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Date:2006-03-31 16:25
Mood: busy

So, as much as I like the idea of the lemonade diet, I might have to admit defeat. My body is too toxic to handle it. I ended up throwing up the lemonade last night. Not fun. I threw it up last time, too, but stuck to it. I'm just going to do the candida diet for the time being and after I get better, I might try the lemonade again when my system is stronger and less toxic. The candida diet does the same thing, just much slower. I can't handle the rapid process without getting sick.

Today's weight seems a bit extreme so let me explain....I am allergic to dairy, wheat, and corn. I don't tolerate onions or sugar well. Because of these allergens, my body retains a lot of water. When I get them out of my system, the water goes away very quickly. So at first, I will have rapid weight loss. Today's weight- 264.5 (5lbs from yesterday).

I did walk yesterday. About 1.5 miles total. I walked around campus because it was such a beautiful day. And saw all the girls in their bikinis laying in the sun, which only encouraged me to walk more and really get serious about this. It's supposed to rain here this afternoon, but I want to walk before then. If not, I'll go to the Y and do the elliptical machine.

Walk to Rivendell- 1.5/458 I'll see those elves at some point! :D

Eating a bowl of Kashi Heart to Heart oatmeal and an apple at the moment. And drinking a huge bottle of water. No caffeine since Wednesday!

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Date:2006-03-30 13:11

1:10 still starving. drinking another 10oz

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Date:2006-03-30 12:54

drank 10oz lemonade at 9:30
10oz lemonade at 12:45 (really hungry but no heartburn)

lots of ice water.

walked up bryan hill to get to class today. That's a killer walk and my legs burned and were completely weak by the top.

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Date:2006-03-30 08:34
Mood:ready to start diet

Day 1 of Master Cleanse.

I got up at 7:30 and since I slept too late, I didn't do a Salt Water Flush (SWF from here on out). It takes 3 hours to finish and it's not good to leave the house until all of the salt water has come out. So I drank a cup of Smooth Move this morning. It's more gentle and not as immediate of a laxative. I juiced my lemons. I couldn't find the little hand juicer so I ended up dragging out the electric juicer. It's just such a pain in the ass to clean. It also makes thicker, pulpier lemonade. I made 30 oz of mix. That's 15 cups of lemonade. 8oz of water mixed with 2oz of mix. the mix is equal parts of lemon juice and syrup. I put about 1/8th of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in the whole mix. That will probably last me through until tomorrow evening.

I'm going to be honest about weight here. If Val can do it, and Ross as well, then so can I. As of this morning, my weight was 269.5.

Very congested today. I ate onions yesterday and that is a big no-no. I was up until 2:30am with indigestion. NO MORE ONIONS!!!

Okay, I need to get ready for school now. I'll drink my first lemonade on the way to school today.

I need to put some icons on this journal!

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Date:2006-03-30 01:41

This is going to be my personal health journal. Inspired by val_marathon.

So....I'll post more details on these things later, but here are the basics.

I suffer from systemic candidiasis. I'm under the care of a great doctor, Dr. Jacqueline Chan, at Trillium Health Center, but without my own efforts into diet and exercise, there is only so much that she can do for me. Candidiasis is a overgrowth of yeast throughout the body, particularly in the digestive tract, that triggers many symptoms and sensitivities. I'll go into more detail in a later post, but the basics are food sensitivities and allergies, water retention, joint pain, sinus problems, digestive issues, and mental issues such as depression and paranoia.

I also am a chronic migraine sufferer. Right now I'm getting about one headache a month and have recently stumbled onto a new treatment discovery. If I take a muscle relaxer, I have much more success in getting rid of the migraine in a day or so. A nasty migraine for me can last up to two weeks. I've actually improved though. Two and a half years ago, I was getting 3 migraines a month, each lasting 3-6 days.

In general, I am overweight, out of shape, and not very healthy. I feel "sick" all the time. I bought a pair of size 22 jeans last week. They are roomy, but not that much. I am tired of being fat and sick all the time. Today I realized that I cannot sit in a desk at school and be comfortable because my stomach is smashed by the desk.

I'm going to post here about my progress back to health.

I know some people think this is radical, but I am following doctor's orders with this. I'm starting the Master Cleanse on Thursday, March 30th. Or The Lemonade Diet if you prefer. I did it in January and lasted six days. Then I stressed myself out and got a migraine on day six so I stopped. I'm going for ten this time. I'll post the details here. The purpose of the MC is to allow the digestive system to stop working so that it can rest and begin to heal. It also completely cleans out the digestive tract of all of the waste and dead cells and unhealthy 'junk" in the entire digestive system. The lemonade is well-balanced and provides calories and nutrients so you aren't hungry or weak. I'll post the recipe tomorrow, but it's basically equal parts of lemon juice and Grade B maple syrup, water, and cayenne pepper.

Lemonade Diet basics:
In the evening, you drink a cup of laxative herbal tea (Smooth Move)
first thing in the morning-salt water flush. This is a quart of warm water with 2tsps of sea salt in it. teaspoons! not tablespoons as a friend mistakenly used. She was really sick after doing this.
This goes right through your digestive tract and back out. The salt water has the same gravity as your blood so it won't absorb the sodium.
Then drink lemonade all day when you are hungry. 6 to 15 cups (whatever you need). I do two cups at once, usually about every 2-3 hours.
Drink lots and lots of spring water all day!
Peppermint tea and club soda are both okay, as well.
Smooth move again at night.

No food, no medicines. You feel like shit for three days and then start to feel sooooo good as your body detoxs and gets all of the poisons out. Sweating and epsom salt baths make me feel better, too.

So, I'll post the details of the diet as I go through. I'm going to be as honest, candid, and graphic as possible. Because I need to do that for myself. Just warning readers.

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